Vehicle Austin-Healey, who killed 84 people (6 photos + video)

Racing car Austin-Healey - one of the main participants of the greatest tragedies in the history of motor racing, which happened in 1955 during the famous racing class 24 Hours of Le Mans

This tragedy occurred in the distant 1955 on the race track, near the French city of Le Mans. During the famous racing class 24 Hours of Le Mans in a collision of two cars competing killed 84 people.

British rider Lance Macklin, who was driving the car Austin-Healey 100 S, survived one of the deadliest accidents in the sports world.

In fact, people are not killed Austin-Healey, a Mercedes 300SLR, piloted by Frenchman Pierre Levegh. This car hit the side Macklin code swerved to overtake JaguarD-Type, braked abruptly to go to the pit lane.

Mercedes flew right into the stands and just exploded. Details flown apart mowing people like shrapnel. Driver killed and 83 audience, and about 120 people received injuries of varying severity.

Austin-Healey - year 1955: shortly before the accident

This accident has fundamentally changed the attitude to security of such competitions. After this tragedy, Mercedes - Benz went to the 30 years of racing.

In Switzerland road competitions are banned until now.

Austin-Healey year stood at shtrafploschadku police, after which the car was repaired and sold to a private individual.

Last 42 years historic car was stored in the garage of an English lover Oldtimers in the north of England. It is interesting that in 1969 the current owner bought the unfortunate rarity in just 155 pounds.


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