The mysterious death of Mayakovsky (2 photos)

Vladimir Mayakovsky so suddenly and tragically ceased to exist at the thirty-seventh year. His life was cut short rather typical way for a creative person - suicidal. To do so many heroes of his time - Marina Tsvetaeva, Sergei Yesenin, Julius Galich at will prefer death life.

Mayakovsky had left a suicide note which newspapers published the day after the death of the poet, in which he asked no one to blame for his death, and not to gossip about it, because the gossip he could not stand. In addition, the note Mayakovsky wrote Lilya Brik, so that she loved him, and the government, it has made it possible to "tolerable" the life of his family. His poems, he started asking to send the BRIC countries. End of the last message of the poet's short little poem and the words "Good luck to stay." This note is dated April twelfth.

It may seem: in the tragic history of all transparent - Mayakovsky did not want to live anymore and found a way to suicide. But some researchers oddities make the poet allow other versions of his death. For example, the suicide note was written two days before the death of the poet and a pencil. Mayakovsky is always wrote only your favorite pen. Criminologists argue that with a pencil handwriting is much easier to counterfeit than the pen. The poet at the time was enough detractors who could deal with it. But Mayakovsky autopsy confirmed the suicide, and no abnormalities were found.
Mayakovsky before was prone to suicidal thoughts. In 1916 and 1917 he has directed the barrel of the gun to his side. But then the gun misfired. And in his poems Mayakovsky has repeatedly raised this issue, for example, its line "... the bullet ... in life after death is traced out the way", we can say, have become almost prophetic.
Internal tensions, emotions, mistrust and increased sensitivity - these qualities have been an integral part of the personality of Mayakovsky, who often spoke of a possible withdrawal of his own life. What really happened in the spring morning - the murder or suicide of the poet - is now is anyone's guess. While it may be in the future, the researchers shed light on this affair which left so many questions.

Mayakovsky's dying wishes related to gossip, did not come true - the buzz was all Moscow, pushing different versions and are discussed in detail. We assumed even romantic background of the story. But until today the death of poet and mystery.


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