Ideas that brought more than $ 1 billion

Sources of inspiration for a lot of business, but not often entrepreneurs comes to mind the idea of ​​a million. And how you like the idea a billion ?! In this issue we will focus on a variety of business ideas that are brought to their creators a lot of money.

Michele Ferrero and family, $ 10 billion.

The idea: making peanut butter for sandwiches and toast for breakfast, including chocolate in the daily menu.

Brad Hughes, $ 5, 3 billion.

The idea: to suit all who want to install along highways automatic lockers.

Ralph Lauren, $ 5 billion.

The idea: to stick to the usual polo shirt bright label with a picture of a horse. Set the price at $ 50 and thereafter counting their profits.

Jeff Bizos, $ 4, $ 4 billion.

The idea: to release book buyers from long trips to bookstores to find the desired them to literature, to sell books through the Internet. As a result - the creation of

Ty Warner, $ 4, 5 billion.

The idea: release for sale a limited batch of cute teddy bears with warm, touching names. These toys are sold immediately after collector's item.

Caleo Yuvidiha, Thailand. and Dietrich Mateschitz, Austria. $ 3, 1 and $ 3 billion, respectively.

The idea: to sell athletes and fans night parties energy drink based on sugar and caffeine, which is rich in vitamin B.

Mario Moretti Poligatto, Italy, $ 3 billion.

The idea: manufacture of footwear that is designed for people suffering from the smell of sweat on his feet. Special insoles with small holes in the soles help prevent odor.

James Dyson, the UK, $ 1, 6 billion.

The idea: to create a powerful vacuum, which is able to suck dust from a speed of 320 km / h and above. This speed allows tight packaging of dust and makes it impossible to release of the outside.

Hans and Paul Raygeli, Germany, $ 1, 5 billion (each).

The idea: selling sweet chewy sweets of various forms.

Howard Schultz, $ 1 1 billion.

The idea: every corner of the house in America should have its own coffee shop. Thus was created the coffee empire Starbucks.


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