Useful combination products

Many people are used to eating scrambled eggs with sausage and do not imagine soup without cream. And now I will tell you about some other useful combination of products.

1. Grilled asparagus with grated parmesan

Asparagus is an excellent source of inulin - dietary fiber, responsible for the balance of the levels of beneficial bacteria in the digestive process. Parmesan is known - is a kind of cheese, and it is rich in calcium, beneficial for your bones. Inulin in asparagus improves calcium absorption. These two useful treats creates a good combination, since together they guard the health of the stomach and strengthen bones. 2. Avocado Salsa Sauce

You want a snack that would energizes you, and, at the same time, was unusual? Try salsa and avocado. Since itself salsa had a choice in favor of health, such a combination will provide you with up to four times more lycopene anti-cancer and nearly three times more than strengthen the immune system of beta-carotene.

3. Omelet with broccoli and cheese

Enriched with vitamin D and calcium, the trio helps strengthen bones. If more vitamin D from egg yolks helps the body absorb calcium from broccoli and cheese. According to the research it not only strengthens the skeleton, but also makes women less irritable in the premenstrual period.

4. melon with yogurt

Vitamin A is contained in melon, promotes confrontation viruses. Further, when you combine it with a zinc-rich products (such as yoghurt), it helps the body in favor of removing one hundred percent of nutrients.

5. The iron-fortified cereals and orange juice


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