Most mysterious pictures (21 photos)

In the nearly 200-year history of photography was done some unique images that until now no one can explain

Martian sphere (13 September 2012)

In 2004, the rover Opportunity found on the Martian soil curious formation of microscopic spherical shape. However, even more interesting picture of Opportunity did at the end of 2012, which is clearly seen much larger number of much larger areas.

These areas are composed of hematite, may mean that in the past on the "Red Planet" was water. Sea monster, filmed off the coast of Hook (March 1965)

This well-known picture, many believe the result of working with Photoshop. But few know that the French photographer Robert le Serrek giant took this unknown marine animal back in 1965, and this photo has prompted heated debate among zoologists.

Black Knight (11 December 1998)

For the first time a picture of the unknown object, dubbed "Black Knight", was made in 1960, one of the first satellites. In polar orbit clearly visible unidentified object, which could be neither a satellite of the USSR or the US satellite. Since then, the object was seen many times - he appears and disappears at regular intervals. The pictures below - photos of the object taken with the NASA mission STS-88.

Among the pictures was STS088-724-66. Zooming in makes it possible to examine the object in more detail. After careful study, scientists are inclined to believe that it is - a piece of artificial origin.

Granny (22 November 1963)

November 22 in Dallas (TX), was shot dead by the 35th President of the United States John F. Kennedy. The analysis of photographs taken at the murder scene, the experts drew attention to the mysterious woman in a light-brown cloak and scarf. It appears in many pictures, and almost always holding the camera. The FBI searched the woman for a long time, but have not been able to establish her identity.

Mobile phone in the film Charlie Chaplin (January 6, 1928)

On a DVD collector's edition "circus" of Charlie Chaplin, as a bonus was added to a short film about the premiere in 1828. In one of the shots seen the woman who is holding something very reminiscent of a mobile phone.

Film from Belfast George Clarke said he believes these pictures prove the existence of time travelers. Many are inclined to believe that the woman is holding the auditory tube. But then it is not clear why she was smiling, and something she said.

Hessdalen Valley lights (20 September 2007)

In 1907, a group of teachers, students and academics in Norway broke camp for the scientific study of the mysterious phenomenon known as "Lights HessdalenĀ».

One of the clear nights Bjorn Hauge took this picture using the shutter speed of 30 seconds. Spectral analysis showed that the object should be composed of silicon, iron and scandium. This is the most informative, but not a single photo "Hessdalen Lights." Scientists are still scratching their heads that it could be.

Tank Man (June 5, 1989)

This picture was taken during the riots in Tiananmen Square in Beijing in June 1989. Some unarmed man for half an hour alone restrained column of tanks.

The identity and fate of the man remained a mystery. But this picture has been published in almost all the major magazines in the world, and the Tank Man became a symbol of resistance against the authorities.

Cosmonaut of the Solway Firth (23 May 1964)

In 1964 the family Tampltona Briton Jim walked near the Gulf of Solway Firth. The head of the family decided to take pictures Kodak her five year old daughter. Tampltony assured that in addition to them, in these swampy areas there was none. And when the pictures were developed, one of them found a strange figure looking out from behind the girl. The analysis showed that the photo has not been any change.

Squadron Sir Goddard (1919, published in 1975)

This group photo squadron Goddard, who fought in the First World War. It contains one intriguing detail: at the top of one of the officers can see the entity in which the members of the squad found out his former mechanic Freddy Jackson, who died two days before this picture was taken. And on the day when the squadron was photographed, Funeral Jackson.

Pyramid of the Moon (December 11, 1972)

What you see above - the photograph of the surface of the Moon at number AS17-136-20680, which was made in the framework of the mission Apollo 17. The catalog photos, she was listed as "illuminated". She obviously suffered from excessive light exposure. However, after working with the contrast of the image, it appears that in fact it captures the structure resembles a pyramid.


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