How to extend the life of things (23 photos)

For a zealous owner, every detail is important. Tips, you'll find below will help to avoid unnecessary expenses and save money on something really important and pleasant.

1. The candles will burn longer if the day before use to hold them in the freezer. The wax in the cold becomes harder and the burning process is slower.

2. Cut the sponge for washing dishes in half. Half is usually enough, and you can change the sponge frequently, without prejudice to the purse. A small amount of vinegar will help to keep the sponge fresh even longer.

3. Mix your favorite liquid soap with water and spread on two small bottles (probably in the economy there is at least one empty).

4. If a mechanical pencil eraser erased almost to the ground, lift it using a piece of crumpled paper.

5. Bouquet with flowers will stay longer if the water to pour a little vodka (to kill bacteria). If there is no vodka, then with the same task a fine job of some chlorine bleach. And a good idea to mix in the same direction tablespoon sugar - to power.

6. Sauces best to keep in the refrigerator upside down. So they will be less likely to become covered with mold.

7. Place in a bowl with lettuce paper towel, and it will retain freshness for a week. The paper absorbs moisture and thus prevents fading.

8. Keep bananas separately. Or, in extreme cases, wrap the stems of banana bunches with aluminum foil. So you double or even triple the life of bananas.

9. Doubling the amount of butter is possible with a simple focus: RDX bring oil to room temperature. Then transfer to a bowl and beat with a mixer, and then, still whisking, add a little water. The volume of water should be approximately equal to the amount of oil. You now have spread, which can be used in the same way as the oil (except for the baking it is not suitable) and which twice. And the calories in it less than half.

10. Keep the onions and garlic in paper bags with holes. Thus, they remain fresh for three months.

11. Save the freshness of bread can be a long time, putting him a sprig of celery.

12. Do not touch the cheese when cut it. Bacteria from your fingers will move for a product and quickly covered with mold. It is better to hold the piece of cheese through the plastic bag.

13. After the cut cheese, cut the remaining piece of grease with butter.

14. When the mascara starts to dry out, add to it a few drops of saline solution.

15. Before applying nail polish, wipe nails with vinegar - and manicure will last more than two weeks.

16. The basis for make-up should be refrigerated - because it will go to the skin smoother, not oxidized and does not rotten.

17. The colors are brighter clothes, if you add in the water during washing a pinch of salt.

18. Pantyhose and stockings last longer if the day before use to hold them in the freezer. Low temperature promotes fibers.

19. Before you remove the wash jeans inside out and soak in vinegar solution (about one cup to the pelvis) for about an hour. This is especially true for dark jeans - so they retain their color.

20. To clean the teeth enough toothpaste the size of a pea. Squeezing a tube of a long strip, you are just wasting valuable product waste.

21. Sharpen the razor blade can be using old jeans. Spend them 10-20 times along the entire length of the jeans themselves, then flip the razor to her and spend more on fabric 10-20. Also, do not forget to wipe dry with a razor after each use.

22. For long hair do not fail from time to time, clean it with the back side with a vacuum cleaner. It will protect hair from overheating.

23. Unplug the laptop from the network when not in use. So the battery will last longer.


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