Repair of aircraft

The aircraft - the safest mode of transportation. To always be so, it must be kept in good condition, and to find out how this happens, I invite you to visit the air-technical base of the Pulkovo airport.

1. wishes to get into the ATB and take pictures at the same time the aircraft in advance applied for in the group of the airport "Pulkovo".

2. Reconstruction of "Pulkovo" coming to an end.

3. hangars base can serve almost all used AK "Russia" AN-148 planes, Airbus 319, Airbus 320 and Boeing 767. B-767 because of its size is only half-fit. Pulkovo - home airport company.

4. Head area TO furnishings ATB Kazimir told what the bloggers as a base, which repairs are made.

5. Base hangars can simultaneously carried out scheduled and unscheduled work for two airplanes. The gates of the hangar using the motors on rails are moved to the side, allowing to drive the plane into the hangar. The door to exit out of technical staff like old times referred to as a wicket.

6. At this time in the hangar stood on planned maintenance Airbus A319.

7. Aircraft maintenance consists of periodic checks of the technical state of the aircraft, which are held at regular intervals or flight hours. There are the following types of inspections: Transit check, Daily sheck, Weekly check, A-check, B-check, C-check and D-check.
• Transit check, Daily and Weekly check sheck most simple test carried out before the flight, daily or weekly, respectively. For this form of testing does not require a hangar.
• A-check is carried out about 1 once a month or every 500 flight hours. A-check, usually done at night in the airport hangar.
• B-check is carried out once every 3 months. In practice, it is a little more detailed inspection of the basic units and units of aircraft.
• C-check - a more complex and serious form of aircraft maintenance. Performed every 15-20 months or 4000 hours of flight. To perform this test is required to bring the aircraft out of service for about two weeks, and need a lot of space. The plane is almost completely disassembled, eliminate defects and corrosion, check the operation of all devices.
• D-check - a very complex form of aircraft maintenance, it is generally carried out at an interval of 5 years. In fact, it can be assumed that after such service from a technical point of view, the aircraft is virtually as good as new.

8. Marina Peshehonova (press-service of JSC "Russian"), Anastasia Gaenko Natalia Gorlov (the press service of the Pulkovo) and Kazimir (section chief MOT)

9. After a short briefing bloggers pounced to take the plane, passing examining it on souvenirs

Airbus A319-112 promoted in 2002 and previously flew to Zhejiang Airlines. Since 2012, leased to JSC "Russian»

The cost of the aircraft A-319 about 83.9 million dollars.

Engine aircraft CFMI CFM56-5B5 / 3 develops a thrust of 104 kN 5. This allows the aircraft to fly 68 tons in weight over distances up to 6650 km at a speed of 890 km / h.

Average fuel consumption of about 2600 liters of kerosene per hour

The tire of the aircraft during landing is accelerated up to 6000G. The bus consists of about 50% rubber, 45% of the cord and 5% metal. Each wheel is changed on average every two months

The diameter of the fan motor - 1, 75 meters. Fan blades freely mounted on the shaft, which is why off in the wind from the engine characteristic metallic chime is heard.

The front luggage compartment hatch can be downloaded up to 2, 2 tons of cargo, and the total weight of the aircraft is able to carry up to 5.5 tons of luggage

Zapoliruem and - "not a bit, not beautiful, my grandmother went to the bakery»

On take-off mode, the engine is allowed to work no more than 5 minutes. If this limit is exceeded (takeoff in bad weather conditions), the engine is completely moved.

Checklists - the basis of the safety of passengers

The hydraulic system of the aircraft resembles an intricate moonshine.

Aviation-technical base of a wide range of support mechanisms

For service mechanization of the wing panels were removed

In normal passenger cabin can carry 116 passengers

In addition to the routine inspection, and updated aircraft.

In order to provide access to the cockpit Marina had to use a megaphone emergency

The workplace of the aircraft commander. At the helm of Airbus instead of the usual cost saydstik for longitudinal-transverse control plane. Between Brake control plane is Foot rests pilot during long flights.

Top panel fuse panel and service maintenance

Time of inspection and shooting fairly quickly come to an end

Our accompanying - Marina Peshehonina (AK "Russia"), Anastasia and Natasha Gaenko Gorlov (AP "Pulkovo") gathered in a bunch of photographers

To take the spot aircraft on the runway


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