The most amazing scientific photography in 2013 (31 photos)

Enlarged photos of animals that have not received proper recognition

The micrographs Patrick Keyana impressive beauty of the world's tiniest creatures. It seems that in this photo dragonfly us smiling. British driver took a picture of the spaceship "Soyuz", on which the Olympic torch on its way to Sochi

This sculpture called "Cloud Gate," nicknamed "Bob" is covered with 10-centimeter layer of snow

Photographed on March 5 in Chicago, Illinois.

Briton Charlie Francis created a glow in the dark ice cream using the jellyfish protein - one that allows marine life to emit light inside

By the way, the price of ice cream $ 220.

This photo dead fish demonstrates what happens when waste is dumped into the water

More than 10,000 fish were found dead in a lake in the fall of the Chinese town of Shenzhen. What is the reason you ask? Sewage and waste pouring out of sewer pipes into the water. And this does not happen the first time - in the past year, 50,000 fish floated on the surface of a local lake near the industrial zone.

A new kind of Tyrannosaurus

In November, paleontologists have claimed to have discovered a new species of dinosaur Luthronax argestes or "blood king", a relative of Tyrannosaurus rex, whose name means "king of the mountains».

In Northern Ireland, a farmer filled up snowdrift, grazing sheep

Due to the heavy snowfall last winter snowdrifts as high as 18 feet, leaving at least 140,000 homes and businesses without power.

Dr. Kieran Boyle of the University of Glasgow made photo brain cells located in the hypothalamus at the time of the exciting contact

Eruption in Indonesia led to the introduction of a national emergency

In this photo, the Indonesian volcano Sinabung active actively spewing lava and ash last couple of months. The photographer made it eerie picture morning of November 25.

In November, an active volcano seismologists discovered hiding under the massive ice sheets in West Antarctica

For the first time I managed to shoot magma on the move so far away from the shore. Mount Sydney - the youngest volcano that towered over the West Antarctic ice in the ridge of the Board. The group of seismologists discovered a new volcanic activity above the ice about 30 miles from Mount Sidney.

The land in this photo taken from the planet Saturn, looks tiny ball

The spacecraft Cassini, created in collaboration with NASA made a huge picture of the Earth far beyond Saturn. It was the third time in the history of the cosmos, when people managed to get a photo outside our solar system.

Each year the London Zoo workers weigh and measure its inhabitants

This process is quite long, as the zoo has about 19,000 animals. Here we see how to use the worms can cause anteater Tammy stand still in the balance.

Incredible shot fighting forest fires in California

Fire Service has published on his Facebook page a photo extinguish a fire near Los Angeles. This air tanker based on the DC-10 flying over the residential area.

The latest maps show the extent to which forests are destroyed on Earth

The first high-resolution map of the world forest cover change in the past 12 years shows to what part of the Earth's forests are disappearing at an alarming rate. In the period from 2000 to 2012 it was destroyed 888,000 square meters. km. forest (an area the size of Mexico, and Arizona), while only 309,000 square meters. km. the forest has been restored (the area of ​​half of Alaska).

Photo thunderstorms Falls Kiva (Utah, USA) took second place in the photo contest National Geographic Traveler - 2013

This pig, peacefully bathing near the island of Big Major Cay in the Bahamas can be seen

When people brought pigs to the island, they showed no fear of the craft, as so they get a lot of free meals.

Rare 15-foot fish was caught off the coast of California

This is a dead herring king found on one of the beaches of Catalina Island in Southern California. To get the fish to the shore, it took 15 people.

The first full color map of Mercury

This is a truly fascinating spectacle. NASA has made a map of the planet closest to the Sun - Mercury. NASA probe Messenger, goes into orbit, took photos of the still mysterious planet.

Mini-submarine for the first time has allowed us to look at the bottom of the lake in Antarctica

The submarine, the size of a baseball bat has allowed researchers to penetrate into the depths of the lake Whillans in Antarctica. The lake is one of the last unexplored places on Earth. The camera for the first time made the picture at a depth of 800 meters through deep well.

Stunning aerial flood in Colorado

Golf cars and trucks parked partially plunged into the water in Greeley after the September floods, which destroyed an area the size of Connecticut.

German photographer Wolf Ademayt made this photo in a local zoo

Alemayt studied primates for a long time and came to the conclusion that they, like people, they know how to love, sadness, joy and cruelty.

Photographer news portal Business Insider Robert Johnson made picturesque photos during his tour of the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

This landscape contrasts strongly with the heavy and dark life of prisoners and the military who are placed in the local jail.

The newly discovered planet GJ504 b shines through emit heat

Planet also poured all shades of purple. It has the smallest mass, orbiting a star similar to our sun. The planet was discovered using direct imaging technology that allowed scientists to determine its color.

This dizzying views of the limestone blocks of the China National Forest Park in Zhangjiajie - not a sight for the faint hearted

These giant tower - all that remained of the quartzite sandstone, exposed millions of years of water erosion.

This baby panda born August 23, with a weight of just 137 grams

On the baby yet typical for panda black and white spots, as well as 2-3 weeks, doctors will not know the sex of the baby.

Photographer from South Africa found that blue-gray Noddy bird caught in a huge spider's web of red-golden

If you think that this spider is not able to eat the whole bird, you are deeply mistaken. This type of spider reach the size of a human hand.

Unique Photo: Golden Eagle attacked the sika deer

Digital camera traps recorded rare footage of the attack on the Golden Eagle deer in southern Russia. Initially, the camera sets the Zoological Society of London and the Society of Wildlife to remove the Siberian tigers. Imagine their surprise when they saw in the frame this fight.

Remains of a rocket engine Apollo 11 lifted from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

Two rocket engine were discovered in March last year, an expedition led by Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon. Scientists used scuba equipment to recover the rocket engine F-1 - the most powerful engine that was used to launch spacecraft missions "Apollo».

Burger from the tube without exaggeration save the world

A breakthrough in the evolution of food: Dutch scientist Mark Post artificially grown hamburger out of the tube. Scientist assured that such a product costs less than is necessary for the maintenance of cattle. Of course, this project is not yet completely finalized, but scientists predict that in 20-30 years the synthetic burger will be available for sale.

Hunters from Mississippi caught the largest alligator ever dwelt in states

The beast, weighing 330 kg has a record as the heaviest alligator caught in the waters of America. And although he 4 meters in length, the alligator still inferior to lead its predecessor by 5 cm, caught in 2008.

Stunning photo of a solar eclipse

This silhouette of the bird hit the shot during a partial solar eclipse in southern Lebanon. A rare hybrid eclipse means that the annular solar eclipse (when only the visible part of the Sun appears as a bright ring around the Moon) goes in a total solar eclipse (when the moon completely hides the sun).


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