Rules of Life Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman

The actor died on February 2, 2014 at age 46 in New York

I guess I'm a lousy actor. After all, I do not know that much harder: to say "yes" or say "no».

I never thought I would start to act in films. I always thought that I would be half a lifetime to cut sandwiches in a cheap diner, then marry some fool with a thick drooping boobs.

I became an actor by accident. I seriously engaged in the struggle, and then the great hurt his neck. With the fight was over. I was about to go over to baseball and suddenly fell in love with a girl. We had something to impress her, and I thought, "Maybe an actor?" I remember that night I then asked God: "Lord, I can rush to baseball? After all, I love this girl. " I did not hear the answer, but, apparently, he said "yes».

I really like this name: Philip Seymour Hoffman. Normally I get annoyed when people use his middle name. I find it very pretentious. But this is not my case. Just at that moment, when I was in the cinema, in the world already existed one actor named Philip Hoffman, Philip Hoffman and two - this is too much. So I had to add Seymour.

But I was a little higher than everyone thinks.
Many people call me behind my back fat man. Others say that I'm shorty. Someone wrote that my face resembles dough, and hair - tow. But listen, I'm quite an attractive man. But for some reason no one comes to mind to describe me with an attractive side. I kept waiting for someone to write about me, I'm cute. Or interesting. But damn, everyone is silent. On the other hand, I suppose I should be thankful for the fact that fat bastard I did not call too.

I like that my body and my appearance let me play was the one I most interesting - any person.

I really wanted to play in "The Big Lebowski," but before that I thought long: it's hell, the Coen brothers, and I'm living with them contract. So I decided to just come to them and do something very strange. In general, I came and started to scream and rage. And suddenly they began to laugh, and so loud that they have, in my opinion, little ass is not cracked. I still remember how I looked at the laughing Cohen and thought, "Well, to hell with it, with this role. Though neighing - and that is good ».

For a long time, the main achievement of my life was that one day, many years ago, when I worked in the pool, went to Miles Davis (a famous American jazz musician. - Esquire). I thought, "This is the case - but to me life is nothing cooler this will not happen. Actually, it happened ».

Being a famous actor and being a good actor - it's not the same thing.

For the first time I began to learn on the streets when I was 29 years old. People look at me and my every action, and this, of course, was a shock. I felt as if he lost his left arm - just embarrassing.

I do not need more fame. It is not clear that this has something to do.

Today, when people stare at me in the street or in a cafe, I understand that this means that I have become recognizable and does not mean that my beard stuck a hefty piece of food, or something worse. But I'm afraid that one day somebody will hatch at me, and I will be his smile as an old friend, not realizing that my beard sticking out hefty lettuce.

For success to be treated no more seriously than a gravy.

Thank gradually robs you doubt. And it's the worst thing that it can do to you.

Anyone who is able to cope with the fear, able to cope with anything.

I want to make a film about fear. Look around: a planet ruled by a neurosis. People are scared. They are in daily controlled terror, they are afraid of death, poverty, and constantly harass a small fears. A good topic for a movie, right?

When I was young, I was in a much less fear than it is today, and it makes me think that fear - it is something that grows within us every day.

I like that phrase is incredibly Philip Roth (famous American writer. - Esquire): «Old age - this is not a battle, old age - a massacre." It pleases me so much that I even wanted to repeat it, but perhaps I will not.

I am now 42, and both my parents are alive. In almost every interview I asked, "And how do you live - because you have aging parents?" Stupid question. No one asks parents about how they live with aging children.

People are starting to get old in a moment. When you come to the fourth ten, you suddenly realize that you and your body is beginning to change, and these changes are killing you. In this situation, one begins to find its own answer. My answer is - children. When they appeared in my life, I had so many problems connected with them, that my own simple solutions to them.

I do not really understand the children, and know very little about them, but I am sure of one thing: it is the most powerful consumers of love on the planet. So if you have children, it is unlikely that you will love to someone else.

I do not like when in the midst of working on the film someone asks: Well, cool? I always say, "No shit is not cool." You know what's cool? Cool - is when all is over. When the work is done, when all shook hands and went home. That's when I feel: yes, that's cool.

Being an actor - it's the same thing as being a weightlifter. But all you raise the severity of their own with the help of the brain.

When you read - do you think, and when you smoke - you think. But this is not the same thing.

Today, when I read "Othello," I can easily get rid of thoughts about Barack Obama.

If you're a good actor, try to play in the theater at least once a year - it's great inspirational. Not to say that I'm a good actor, but every year you can see me in the theater.

The shooting of any film is always such a night when you wake up at dawn and think: "Damn, how rotten I do».

My life is in a state of perpetual panic. It sounds like a death sentence, but it's always worked. Probably, somewhere in my heart I want to live, to do both one thing, but actually I do a million different things. I play in the film and theater, I put the play, and I recently bought a theater company in New York. Hence the panic is taken - all of these things do not let me relax for a second. I think I'm going to die, even in a panic. But recently, this idea became to me even cute.

It is important to work where rushing, and earn enough money to have enough to pay the bills. But everything else - it's a nice addition.

I love getting checks with long-long numbers. And I like to act in a good movie. As a rule, those two things rarely come in contact, so I decided for myself a long time, that I will take up all the good movies - even for them underpaid. And what to make - I always come up.

Poverty - is an incredible freedom. So incredible that it fits a very small number of people.

I love change - small, large - all sorts. But in a cowboy hat you will not see me ever.

In the movie "Boogie Nights," I kissed Mark Wahlberg (American actor, musician, also known as Marky Mark. - Esquire). I can not say that the kiss as a kiss.

The size of my head, perhaps, really crazy.

I have no idea what they are doing nuns afternoon.

I still have not bought the island.


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