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Recently, in Italy there was a very curious case, writes autotechnica.ru. 46-year-old Italian was about to steal a compact sitikar Smart with robotic gearbox. However, after driving a few meters, crashed the car on the bump.
Hapless thief police later explained his failure that he had no experience driving in cars with robotized transmission.
Somewhat earlier, no less curious attempt of theft, robbery, or rather the hijacking occurred in the US in Knoxville (Tennessee). A pair of teenagers at gunpoint, forced the driver out of the car and tried to hide it. However hijacking failed here. However, the reason was, on the contrary, manual gearbox, with which the young man could not cope - the car is constantly gloh. As a result, the police did not have much strain.
Interestingly, both unsuccessful outcome of theft were quite logical. In Europe, cars with automatic transmissions and robotic constitute approximately 30% of the total. In the United States, by contrast, about 60% of all cars are equipped with automatic transmissions.
A feeling that these guys who were trying to steal something first about themselves flipped bump. Or maybe they are a child unsuccessfully dropped out of the stroller. In another hard to explain their thinking and actions. Damn It! Steal "smart." Get behind the wheel, not knowing how to drive. Theater of the absurd.


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