The first recorded group saving dolphins dying kinsman

During the monitoring of cetaceans near the southeast coast of South Korea, the researchers were able to fix the first case of a group of dolphins saved his kinsman dying adult, reports BBC.
Recall that to date have been known to save the young one or two dolphins, but this collective work has been seen for the first time.

How to tell the scientists when observing a flock of 400 birds dolphins white-sided, they noticed that from her divisions of the Group of 12 dolphins, 5 of which have formed something like a raft, on which was dying dolphin, his fins were paralyzed, and the abdominal department covered the red marks . Dolphins are alternately changed and thus maintained his kinsman.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of their fellow dolphin he died, but his relatives while still trying to save him, touching the fins and lifting his head above water.


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