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Frenchman Michel Lotito just insatiable man in 1959, he began to eat everything. Everything. From the moment he umyal computer, 18 bikes, 6 candelabra, 15 trolleys from the supermarket, 2 beds, TV 7 and a pair of skis, except for different stuff. The total mass of metal eaten more than 9 tons!

Letchemana Ramaz from Malaysia reached double-decker bus at 30 meters, using their hair

Wim Hof ​​of the Netherlands was coated with ice for 1 hour and 8 minutes. He used the techniques of yoga and meditation to keep warm

Two people from the United States set a world record by climbing into a bath filled with rattlesnakes in the amount of 75 pieces

The biggest snail has been found in Africa. Its size - more than 39 centimeters (imagine slug length of nearly half a meter)

Clint Hallam from New Zealand managed to lose his brush three times - the first time it cut in 1989 in an accident, but the doctor sewed limb back. In 1989, due to infection Brush was again removed and installed a new, artificial. In 2001, it was removed due to incompatibility with the material body

Marco Hort from Switzerland is able to simultaneously hold 258 tubes in his mouth for a drink

British woman has a body piercing items in 2520, including the opening in the tongue, where you can stick your finger

The heaviest living snake - the Burmese python. With a length of 71 cm it weighs 183 kilograms. Lives in this uzhik Safari Park US

The longest snake - a python simple, but the length of it reaches 10 meters

The fastest eater - star-nosed mole mole. It can determine the edibility of production, catch it and eat it for 120 milliseconds

The most venomous creatures in the world - two-tone frog lancet (my translation, original - two-toned arrow-poison frog). One gram of its venom is enough to kill more than 100 thousand people!

During heart surgery in 1970, a patient suffering from hemophilia, it took 1080 gallons of blood - that's 15 full baths. How many donors needed?

The oldest message in a bottle traveled across the ocean '92 229 days - from 25 April 1914 until 10 December 2006, when the British were caught fisherman

Fastest stometrovku runs Nico Surings from the Netherlands - 17.35 seconds, which recorded 8 December 2006. Something does not add up, right? The fact that this stometrovka is run barefoot on the ice ... ...

How much time do you have time to cut a face on the pumpkin? Stephen Clark of the United States can do it for 24 seconds

Jane Marton of Hungary is able to shear 50 sheep for 8 hours. This record was recorded April 26, 2003 at a special show in Hungary

That's tough! Using a computer and three empty keyboard without looking at the screen, Michele Santel scored 64 books (more than 3.3 million words), including the Odyssey, Macbeth, the Bible and the Guinness Book of Records in 2002. All texts he gained in different languages, including such exotic as Hebrew. It remains only to add that the text of the books he typed backwards from end to beginning. Out of this titanic boondoggle and July 26, 2007

Englishman John Evans kept his head in the car weighing 159.6 kilograms as much as 33 seconds. Hands balancing machine like a plate. It is clear that this is a very small car, but not a bicycle or even a moped. The record was set May 24, 1999. For reference - John growth of 2 meters, weight 156 kg, neck girth of 61 centimeters

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