Dear Julia!

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Personnel department
Dear Julia,

Reviewed your resume on the job, "the President of UkraineĀ».

Usually we do not detail the answers to competitors, but in this case, decided to make an exception.

We are aware that an employee with a bang recently dismissed from the post previously entered you unfairly (not just you). And most likely, you have some sense of revenge, the desire to obtain compensation for these hardships. We hasten to inform you that this is false expectations, no obligations on this matter before you, we do not accept.

For a start, we draw your attention to the inappropriateness and unacceptability of use in the interview phrases, positioning you as already adopted or preferred employee. For example, "a statement guarantor", "to fulfill the requirements," etc. This is a very striking and clearly gives your true intentions.

The fact that this position we want to choose candidates who would meet very strict range of criteria. For example, did not build the corruption schemes in the past, did not participate in the collusion, as in 2009. Earlier charges brought against you, though they are overblown and not criminalized, but there are still very serious.

Given the above, so as not to spoil your image rejection, please withdraw his candidacy on their own. Please do not send the same resume in Service "Prime Minister" or other positions in the executive branch. Otherwise, we will have to apply to your professional lustration procedures. For its part, we propose to consider a very honorable position "faction leaderĀ»

Please take the answer with respect, and even better - Contribute to the promotion of this position more young, capable and competent candidates.


The people of Ukraine

Under the protection of the Ministry of Truth


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