The most dangerous places to live

Well, if you happen to be born in the province, where there are no tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and hurricanes.

For the inhabitants of some countries natural disaster - an everyday reality. Journal of Popular Mechanics found on our Planet 8 most uninhabitable mest.

1. The Pole of Cold
Verkhoyansk, Rossiya

In the taiga, in the heart of Siberia is the oldest city in the Arctic Circle. For more than three centuries, people exist in difficult climatic conditions on the bank of the Yana River, covered by ice 9 months of the year. To date, the cold pole is home to about 1,500 people.

Verkhoyansk claims to be the coldest city on Earth. It is difficult to argue, given that from September to March the sun shines an average of only 5 hours a day, and in January and in December it did can not be. In winter, the average temperature in these places is minus 47 degrees Celsius. Below is all she fell at the end of the XIX century - to minus 67, 8 degrees.

In czarist times, and during the Soviet era Verkhoyansk was a place of exile. Today the city is trying to attract extreme tourists.

2. Fire Mountain
Mount Merapi, Indoneziya

This volcano is not output days. Even when no eruptions from its summit into the sky 3,000 meters rises a huge column of smoke. Over the past five centuries, Fire Mountain (this is translated this name to the local language) "flashed" about 60 times. Last terrible eruption occurred in 2006, before - in 1994, the deadly cloud of hot gas burned to death 60 people. More than 1,000 people died in 1930 when the volcano ejected lava covered the territory of nearly 13 square kilometers.

Despite all these developments, less than 6 kilometers from the volcano 200 000 live local residents. However, no one in Indonesia This will not surprise 120 million slum the island of Java have built homes at the foot of some of the 22 active volcanoes.

3. Stormy Haiti
Gonaïves, Haiti

Here are just a chronicle of 2008: the first August 16 came tropical storm "Fay", a week later came the turn of Hurricane "Gustav", then the island plagued Hurricanes "Khan" and "Ike." In one month, the coastal village of Gonaives - it is among the five largest cities in Haiti - turned out in the midst of tropical cyclone four times, killing about 500 people, most of the village was buried under the mud or flooded with water.

In 2004, the city is home to 104,000 residents, visited the hurricane "Jeanne". The victims of the storm the third category were three thousands of Haitians.

Why Gonaives is constantly under attack? The town was built in the coastal zone, on shaky ground floodplain. In addition, local residents using wood for coal - the main fuel in these places, cut down forests on the surrounding hills. Tree roots held back the soil, and now any rain at once causes mudslides, landslides.

4. African lake death
Lake Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ruanda


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