Private spaceship

The company Virgin Galactic and the British billionaire Richard Branson has officially presented the first ever passenger spaceship - SpaceShipTwo, developed in complete secrecy for 5 years.

The project with $ 450 million budget provides for the construction of six commercial spaceships that would be high enough to lift the tourists to those experienced weightlessness and see how rounded the Earth's horizon against the backdrop of space.

To do this, SpaceShipTwo will be delivered to a height of about 18 to 300 meters using aircraft Eve, where the spacecraft will separate and run their jet engines to climb to an altitude of about 100 kilometers above the Earth.

Flight will last about 2, 5 hours, of which about five minutes, passengers will spend in weightlessness.

Approximately 300 applicants have already booked their tickets for the flight cost $ 200, 000 (135, 000), which will also require three days of training.


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