8-year-old boy has earned a million

When Ryan Ross was three years old, he had built in the backyard of the family home a chicken farm. He is now eight. Behind the child of four, and his personal fortune is approaching one million dollars.

At first Ryan had 60 chickens, and he sold a dozen eggs for three dollars. Comes out to about $ 15 a day. Tired of chicken business, Ryan took up a new business. He began to mow lawns. Per hour took 20 dollars, but because he was too young to handle the mower, hired senior comrades who pays $ 15 per hour.

 - So he's got $ 5 an hour, although it did nothing - Savannah Ross says his mother. - A similar situation was with the next company. For watering the lawn Ryan took 200 Canadian dollars from the client, and an employee who did everything for him, pay hundreds. And it was his idea. My husband and I wondered how he knew brilliantly. The whole process works.

Alone Ryan invested their money in real estate. He now has six buildings in Ontario and British Columbia, and his personal fortune is estimated at 900 thousand. Dollars. Ryan bought hockey and basketball courts for his family, as well as 4 th. Books for yourself, but never got a mobile phone. His parents did not allow.

"His school friends still do not believe in what he is doing business - says Savannah Ross. - They think he is a braggart. " But the ambitions of the young entrepreneur goes far beyond the purchase of real estate.

"I want to buy two NHL hockey teams - he says. - So I can play in the league. "Ryan thinks hockey - it's just entertainment, - says his mother. - But he must understand the business component. Now we meet with the owners of the teams. They believe that this story is very funny. "


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