The contest "Gurning World Championship" - Championship grimaces.

Get well soon, in England pulled freaks out of their burrows.
There was a competition «Gurning World Championship» - championship grimaces.
Champion is the one who crouched ugliest face.
This year, won the 24-year-old Claire Moffat.

During the awarding pleased Claire said: "My technique affectation is to abut tongue in cheek and screw up one eye. I do not think that'll win, because, as a rule, to win the competition elderly women. I thought that they have a much better chance than me, because they no longer have teeth ».

Claire Moffat serve in the police and soon going to marry. She took part in the competition in 2008 and 2009, finishing third both times. And so it appears in the "usual form».

Absolute champion of this competition is 62-year-old toothless Ann Woods, who even got into the Guinness World Records for his "services." This year, the old woman did not take part in this cool competitions for health reasons.

In the men's championship once again won the 48-year-old Tommy Mattison.
He picks up the victory for the 13 th consecutive year.


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