Banks Coca-Cola made a celebratory design

In honor of the 125th anniversary of the brand Coca-Cola released in some countries, limited edition festive beverage packaging.

His birthday, the company officially celebrated on 8 May. But the celebrations to mark the anniversary, lasted throughout 2011. To this date was timed ambitious marketing campaign, made in the style of "retro", which among other things includes a change of packaging design.


In the UK, the agency has designed Bulletproof banks in the style of pin-up, which is considered to be the founder of Coca Cola, and released a limited collection of vintage glass bottles Hutchinson.


In Serbia, the design of 6 new packages, designed by Peter Gregson, reproduces scenes posters Coca-Cola 1930s and 1940s.

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the agency Clot Inc. and British illustrator James Jarvis developed a series of cans with funny cartoon characters.


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