4 stories on Twitter

Here are some stories that in one way or another connected with the short message service Twitter.

1. Frustrated passenger was arrested after the Twitter-jokes

The man was arrested and spent several hours at the station as a suspected terrorist. It all started with the fact that the flight which he had planned to fly to Ireland, was in jeopardy because of heavy snowfall in Rodin Hood Airport in Doncaster. The passenger was extremely impatient and posted a message on his Twitter: "Damn! The airport is closed. Do you have a week out to solve it, or I'll blow it! ". A week later at his home cops showed up and arrested under the Terrorist Act - a set of laws on the fight against terrorism. After the proceedings and fine frustrated passenger was released.
2. The man escaped paralysis due
Web designer Patrick Johnson once woke up in the morning, found that half of his face had lost sensitivity and does not move. He posted a Twitter message on this question to the audience, and a few seconds later got the answer - these symptoms have appeared the harbingers of a rare disease called Paralysis Bell. In addition, he was advised to apply as soon as possible to the doctor, otherwise there may be irreversible damage to the muscles of the face. After 40 minutes, Partick was in the hospital and got the necessary help that saved his face.
3. Traveling with free Twitter

British blogger Paul Smith, a writer and a former employee of the radio station, introduced the English term «twichhiking», ie about "twitter hitchhiking", as the journey via twitter. In February 2009, Paul launched the eponymous project, whose goal was to try to make a trip around the world in 30 days, using only the good will of the people and possibilities of Twitter. According to the rules of this project it was forbidden to spend their own money, and offers of assistance, and other communications in transit were accepted only in the ribbon tweeter. At one point it was forbidden to stop for more than two days, and it was necessary to plan a trip no later than three days. Thus, with the help of 11 thousand followers of his Smith was able to drive, fly and swim from the island Stewart (New Zealand) to Frankfurt, Germany, at the same time collecting 5,000 pounds of charitable contributions. This shows that good and helpful people missing everywhere, and you can travel the world virtually for free, if you have a foreign passport.
4. Naked director supermarket

Indonesian writer and director Joko Anwar promised to visit the local supermarket Circle K in the nude if you typed more than 3,000 followers. At the time of his promise to them he numbered 1800. For some time bracket in 3000 was overcome, and at midnight Yoko fulfilled his promise, and the store employees were sympathetic to the event, while Yoko is now more than 65,000 subscribers.


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