A few interesting stories associated with Twitter.

A few interesting stories related to Twitter.

1. The groom suspended ceremony to send a tweet

What usually relies groom, after the priest asks him whether he agrees to be his wife in grief and joy, as well as offering a kiss to seal an alliance? It should answer "Yes", in some cases, answer "No", but it does not fit the present tehnogiku, which is Dana Hanna, a software developer. At a time when everyone was expecting an answer from him and the actions he took out his cell phone and sent to his Twitter account the message "I am standing at the altar withTracyPage and a second later she will be my wife! Time to kiss the bride. " Moreover, he gave his mobile to his future wife, standing in front of him, so she sent a similar message to his belt. Thereafter, the procedure continued. Both followers twitter feeds demanded a detailed report on the newlyweds honeymoon passing, better with pictures.
2. Dismantling Twitter ended shooting and killing

US police are investigating the murder of the first case, the cause of which there have been reports in Twitter. According to information received from the police, the two friends, Blake and dance, 22 years old, long before the incident corresponded Twitter, threatening and accusing one another. In fact, as a child, they were friends, but friendship vanished after they divided the girl began to threaten each other. At the same time, they lived on the same landing. By accident some time Blake came to Dansi and shot him in the neck of his injuries he died. Gun killer threw in the park. After some time, the deceased's body was found after the accused and found the murder weapon.
3. In response to a complaint filed on Twitter tenant fine

Amanda Bonen, posted on his Twitter account the message "Who said that the rest of the apartment with mold is harmful? Horizon believes that everything is OK! ". Horizon - is a Chicago-based company is the owner of the house, surrendering lease apartments to tenants. A company representative said that there was a small accident in the repair of the roof, so there may be unpleasant odors, but in general the situation is normalized. Moreover, for what was dishonored the good name of the company, and the information on Twitter was open and could get to many people, potential customers of the company Horizon, Amanda was charged with libel demanding a fine of $ 50,000. Amanda herself, according to the company, voluntarily left home, abandoning the service Horizon. According to the court record tweet has been deleted, but according to Google's cache Amanda only 17 followers, so the claim that "slander" sold very well, it would be wrong.
4. She found the lost passport via Twitter

One of the worst accidents in our world - the loss of documents, especially passports. This applies both to the civilized countries, and not so. When the British television journalist Peaches Geldof found that out of her bag was lost passport, she was very upset, because I was going to go on a business trip, and document identification was not there. The procedure for obtaining a new passport in the UK is very bureaucratic, so all plans were covered, sorry, copper basin ... A few hours later in her twitter account unknown woman posted a message that walking in the park with her daughter, she found a passport and would like to give it to the owner. Was immediately sent a courier, who thanked took the passport and delivered it rejoiced journalist.


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