Yves Rossy - a modern Icarus

Strange thing happens periodically with humanity. Here we have, at times, it's tempting to "plunge" into a story. And not just "plunge", and then to say about us at least another couple of centuries. Very much we love to poke their nose wherever us by nature not meant to be. Namely - is insatiable human desire to fly like a bird. Comes to mind mythical Icarus with his dad Daedalus. But these all clear who want to be in the doghouse. Next in line of Leonardo da Vinci with his "wings". Of course, we have this guy is generally considered extraordinary, it is - apart from the competition. I even it is awkward to discuss the level of intelligence is not one. Yes and how many there were, these attempts in the history of mankind. Even scary to think about. But the most amazing thing is that very few people have stopped previous "shoals" and dips. And probably a good thing. Not for nothing do they say: "Fools learn from their mistakes, and smart - on others." But if the world followed this adage, you probably would not appear modern Swiss "Icarus" - Yves Rossy.

It all started quite banal. Average Swiss Air Force pilot Yves Rossy gave put his debt to the state in the form of hours flown and successfully joined the pensioners.

This is where the fun begins. Would sit for their retirement and paid time to his beloved. Since no, he was "itching" in one spot like shower flight. And, apparently, he jets to be fed, it is understandable, spend half my life in the cockpit of a military aircraft it will not roll bags. Then came our modern "Icarus" clever idea in my head that just came this morning and Leonardo da Vinci and the serf boy Nikita - make wings and make a solo flight. And what would this idea did not seem crazy and utopian, our "Icarus" ran "cockroaches" in the head. It is clear how many of these "Carlson" tried to invent something and make up to climb and soar in the sky, but - in vain. The idea of ​​individual "jet pack" has been given a lot of attention, and at the time the Nazis even tried to equip his army in such a "suit" during World War II. But it is quite another and, moreover, is not our history. But unlike the Nazis and other extravagant predecessors, Yves Rossy, nevertheless, managed to make such a flying machine.

Yves Rossy originally fashioned from some elements of the frame and inflatable his first wings. But here and fool understand that this is not a virtuoso on the flight. Poraskinut Swiss had brains and come up with a more solid wing and attach to it a jet engine. As Russia is developing its wings, I will not tell how long and uninteresting. An interesting result of his fruitful work.

In September of 2008 our "Icarus" to "own wings" went to cross the English Channel. Ironically, the flight was a success! Yves Rossy became the first person in the world to cross the English Channel to "own wings." Air-adventurer jumped out of a plane at an altitude of 2, 5 kilometers and running jet engines, 10 minutes flying from Port of Calais (France) to Dover (England), breaking nehily distance of 35 km.

In life, people are not just the ups but also downs. This shameful fate is not spared and our hero. In 2009, an attempt to fly from Morocco to Spain for Yves Rossi ended in failure. He was able to overcome only half way. The glory of the Buddha, he was at the time of the Strait of Gibraltar, where and planned. There he picked up the accompanying helicopter. Be underneath something firmer, would need a scraper rather than if there had been a number of rescue helicopter, went to sea to feed the fish. The situation is certainly not a pleasant one. Many would have survived such naveryaka, would refuse to continue such experiments. But this topic is not about our hero.

Apparently, in spite of previous failures, or for the sake of ecstasy that the pilot receives during the flight, he perfected his "jet wings", and now they let him carry ornate aerobatics. Now the original air Give only aviadrayv.
Yves Rossy has plans to fly over the Grand Canyon in the US, as its laying hen eggs. But the bureaucracy exists not only here, but in the vaunted America. Rossi had to "wrestle" with the bureaucracy of the American aviation authorities, which helped him to obtain permission. May 11, 2011 "Bezbashenny" pilot jumped from the plane at an altitude of several thousand kilometers and hovered over the Grand Canyon on homemade wings for 8 minutes. Flight speed was 350km / h. A huge cavity depth of more than 1, 5 kilometers and a length of 446 km like a magnet attracts adventurers from around the world. When run out of fuel, extravagant Swiss landed on the bottom of the canyon with the help of a parachute.

His trick in December of the same year could be called daring. Then he decided to join the ranks of combat fighters from Czechoslovakia. All this took place in the Swiss Alps. Using his resistance of single weight 55 kg with four jet engines, the inventor performed aerobatics over the Swiss Alps. Speeding up the rate of 125km / h at an altitude of 1, 5 km. Yves Rossy flew with Czechoslovak training fighters "Albatross» Aero L-39. They safely and solemnly escorted him to land.

Now skeptics do not twist a finger to his temple and not so loud snort towards talented pilot and inventor. And fans of extreme sport, to which I am already dreaming about that Russia will open its small-scale production for the production of such goods and original piece called "dream". It is clear that the jet wings are not yet ready and approved for mass production. And we can only expect that such an enthusiast and experienced professional as Yves Rossy, be sure to find a way to improve their extravagant invention that will allow humanity to at least partially, but to realize the dream of individual air flights.


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