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49-year-old former Swiss military pilot Yves Rossy made a sensational flight across the English Channel, which separates the coast of Britain and France on a jet wing of its own design. He calls himself Fusionman and considers himself a half-man half-bird. And he was able to prove it flying distance of 35 kilometers a little less than 15 minutes and reached the turn speed of 201 km / h.

The starting point was the flight altitude of 2500 meters, where Russia has delivered a small plane. The flight went so smoothly that Fusionman, before reaching the coast of England, was able to make a few laps on the British coastline before descend by parachute near the lighthouse South Spit. Before that Rossi had twice postponed the flight because of problems with the weather.

Its mission Rossi was able to make due to unusual aircraft designed by his friend technician, is a system of folding wings, four jet engines and a special protective suit. Created from the lungs of carbon materials, the wing has no steering devices and controls the movement of the center of gravity as well as on a hang glider. A high speed flight was achieved by four kerosene jet engine compact design. From the heat of the engines and jet defended his suit of non-combustible material and Kevlar pads on their feet.

Rossi repeated his flight route of French aviation pioneer Louis Bleriota, flew across the English Channel to the single-engine aircraft 99 years ago. The future plans at Willow Rosii hop on his machine through the Grand Canyon in the United States.


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