Kerzhakov new word in the English language

In English, there is a new word that has Russian roots. This word denotes a kick in football at close range, which does not hit the target, although it was easier to get than not to fall. This word - Kerzhakov. Coined by journalists British newspaper The Guardian. As a rule, Kerzhakov - a verb which in the past tense becomes necessary to terminate «ed».

Kerzhakov word was used in the text translation quarterfinal match of Euro 2012 England-Italy. The author used the verb translation to describe miss Daniele De Rossi, who failed to score from six meters, "What a blunder de Rossi! How did the Italians managed not to come forward? Hart hit the ball in the box after a corner, but the Italian player hit his head brought him back into the box. With this ball the English defense had to cope without problems and bustle, but the defenders to nod, and the ball fell to De Rossi, who turned and Kerzhakoved just wide from six yards! (Who turned and Kerzhakoved a volley wide from six yards out!) ». Rather conditional verb can be translated as "skerzhakovil».

Recall that the Russian striker Alexander Kerzhakov set antirecord European championships. Soccer player in a match against the Czech Republic struck the goal 7 times, but did not hit the target. Mark this record, by the way, the same Guardian.

All in all three games Kerzhakov struck 12 strikes on goal, while the target was only once. By the number of shots wide Kerzhakov currently second only to the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who hit 15 times. And it should be noted that the Portuguese leader and the number of hits, hit the target - it bothered goalies opponent 14 times.


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