If Avengers filming

Fasting for moviegoers)

Quentin Tarantino
If the "Avengers" filming Quentin Tarantino, the film would never have received a rating of PG-13. Half of the Avengers would sniffing cocaine, the other they would have traded. Nick Fury still be played by Samuel L. Jackson, but the rest would have to change. Natasha Romanova would play Uma Thurman, and a Russian spy learned to swing a katana. Tim Roth would play Bruce Benner and John Travolta - Hulk.
The film would consist of piles of parts, each of which tells the tragic story of the Avenger, but the frame is constantly flashed to the faces of everyone else. At the end of the film all the Avengers have delivered each other and would have shot everyone, and Fury took to all drugs and grandmother and disappeared to Maria Hill in Mexico.

James Cameron
If the "Avengers" filming James Cameron, the Hulk would be blue. Natasha Romanova would be a traitor, but that would become good. Eye Nick Fury would have lost on Pandora, and would have been ugly imperialist invader.
Costume of Captain America finally acquired this would masking value, and the ability to shoot a bow Hawke would appropriate.

Martin Scorsese
If the "Avengers" filming Martin Scorsese, the film unfolding action would gloomy island. Captain America would constantly saw flashbacks from his military past and constantly suspected Nick Fury that he - a former SS officer, despite not belonging to the clear-eyed Aryan scattering.
All other Avengers would be just his hallucinations, but by the end of the film is still all would have died.

Timur Bekmambetov
If the "Avengers" shot Timur Bekmambetov, Nick Fury would play Vladimir Menchov and all the Avengers, except Widows - Konstantin Habensky. What is the difference, then special effects to fix it. Well, a widow, of course, Angelina Jolie or real Russian actress Milla Jovovich.
The story takes place not in New York, and in Moscow, the Avengers would be hopeless booze, but still regularly to cope with their harsh working life-saving mortals from evil spirits.

Tim Burton
If the "Avengers" shot by Tim Burton, Black Widow would play Helena Bonham-Carter and the rest of the Avengers would remain the only one who would play Johnny Depp. And most likely it would be Blade, because, since it is possible to remove about vampires, then it should not be overlooked.
The story takes place in an old mansion would probably mansion Tony Stark. Ghost host, played by Michael Kitton would have continued to walk around the house, creaking joints rusted Iron Man armor.


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