The most famous Hollywood movies cops

Here is a selection of the most famous police Hollywood films. Some of them we as a child wanted to be like others - quite the opposite - mad or crazy. Incidentally, the film often appear characters with real prototypes.

1. Police Clint Eastwood (Clint Eastwood) from the movie "Dirty Harry" has become a cult. Dirty Harry Callahan called for a sense of justice, which is not always the letter of the law.

2. Police characters filled with Jake Gyllenhaal (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Michael Pena (Michael Pena) in "Patrol" will certainly become as popular as the "Harry».

3. "Die Hard" John McClane, played by Bruce Willis (Bruce Willis), has already become almost a legend of cinema.

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4. Bad cop Alonzo Harris in "Training Day" was executed so well that Denzel Washington (Denzel Washington) was awarded the "Oscar».


5. Mel Gibson (Mel Gibson) has played one more funny and nutty police officer named Martin Rigg, the movie "Lethal Weapon»

6. The most resilient film-copy without doubt be called - Robocop

7. Johnny Utah character in the movie "riding the wave" brought fame Keanu Reeves (Keanu Reeves). After all, he had to deal with Cerf only in order to infiltrate a gang of criminals.

8. Gold Rush led to the city crowd of criminals that had to fight the good cop Earl Wyatt, who successfully performed Kurt Russell (Kurt Russell) in the movie "Tombstone»

9. Al Pacino (Al Pacino) played Frank Serpico in the film "Serpico" - the first police officer in New York City, is open to fight corruption.

10. Judge Joseph Dredd despite the title was a cop. And even though this year's remake of the cult film comes out we will always remember the judge in the performance of Sylvester Stallone (Sylvester Stallone)

11. Police from Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs," called Mr. Orange. He worked undercover, and filled him with Tim Roth (Tim Roth)

12. Bud White from the movie "Secrets of Los Angeles" is one of the few characters in the movie who is true to his ideals of justice. Played this correct cop Russell Crowe (Russell Crowe)

13. Thanks to a brilliant performance as Detective Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle actor Gene Hackman (Gene Hackman) received the "Golden Globe", the "Oscar" and several film awards. A policeman from the film "The French Connection" hunting for drug smugglers.

14. Perfect bad cop played by Harvey Keitel (Harvey Keitel) in the movie "Bad cop»

15. The most funny cop our collections can be named Axel Foley, the hero of the movie "Beverly Hills", which played the comedian Eddie Murphy (Eddie Murphy)


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