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At the request of some users of the site continue to spread the rare photos in the history of mankind. The first collection can be viewed TUT.

Yuri Nikulin shkole.

Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and Alexei Leonov at a party in the "Star City» .

Maxim Gorky pokes broom opera singer Feodor Chaliapin, 1905 god.

Acrobatics. Prince Nicholas Greek, top Czar Nicholas II.

Leo Tolstoy playing Russian folk game campuses, Yasnaya Polyana, 1909 god.

The very first picture in the world. "View» .

Vladimir Nabokov studies babochek.

Actress Jill St John, Leonid Brezhnev and President Nikson.

Mikhail Gorbachev surrounded Pierre Richard and Gerard future Russians Deparde.

Viktor Tsoi in the Film Festival "Golden Duke" in Odessa, 1988 god.

2004. Peredelkino. Quentin Tarantino on the grave of Boris Pasternak, his literary idol from the detstva

Salvador Dali with pet anteater comes out of the subway, in 1969. Few people know, but pet eccentric artist was a giant anteater. Dali often was walking his other exotic gold leash on the streets of Paris and was on secular receptions, holding it on pleche.

David Bowie about Soviet train, 1973. Iconic character of Western culture made an unprecedented act at the time - passed through the Soviet Union from Nakhodka to Moscow for eighteen days in a conventional coupe vagona.

Alfred Hitchcock, the governing lion during the shooting of the legendary screensaver studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1958 god.

Bodybuilder Sean Connery. The photo was taken at the competition bodybuilders in 1953 godu.

Richard Gere, 1978. Photographer Herb Ritts made this portrait of his close friend, begins and then an unknown actor - Richard Gere. The picture was taken in California when their car punctured wheel, and they stopped at roadside service with a view to pomenyat.

Pablo Picasso in the bathroom. Snapshot Davis David Douglas, a close friend of the artist and his only fotoletopistsev. "You take pictures, I paint a picture", we had a division of labor. He never told me not posed, but not rejected a single shot does not prohibit shooting & quot; .

Young Elizabeth Taylor bathes sobaku.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and balet.

Ernest Hemingway kicks tin banku.

Madonna 18 years, Detroit, 1976 god.

Young Leonardo DiCaprio portrays Charlie Chaplina.

Of The Beatles in 1957: George Harrison 14 years, John Lennon 16 years and Paul McCartney 15 years vozraste.

Elvis Presley gives an autograph on his head malchika.

Princess Diana and John Travolta dancing in the White House in 1985 godu.

Bob Marley playing football before kontsertom.

Kurt Cobain during aresta.

Big Jay MakNili

Savior of the World: Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone

Joseph Brodsky and Vladimir Vysotskiy

James Hetfield, Fred Durst, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osborn

Winston Cherchill

Salvador Dali jumping through skakalku

Photo of Ernesto Che Guevara in black beret recognized symbol of the XX century, the most famous and most reproduced photograph in the world. It was made March 5, 1960 in Havana during a memorial service for the victims of the explosion of the ship La Coubre, its author, Alberto Korda, then the official photographer of Fidel Castro, said that at that moment he was shocked look on her face 31-year-old Che, which were written at the same time "absolute adamant" anger and bol.

On the day when this photo was taken, Einstein turned '72. March 14, 1951 he photographed almost all publications, and he was very tired and annoyed. UPI photographer Arthur Sasse (Arthur Sasse) was one of the last, and he tried very hard to convince Einstein to smile. But the greatest minds of the twentieth century instead show pictures language. In 2009, the original picture mischievous Einstein was sold at auction for 74 thousand 324 dollara.

"When I got back to the camera, he looked as if he wanted to eat me," - later recalled Karsh, author of one of the most expressive portraits of all vremen.

One of the most famous photographs of the Second World War made February 23, 1945 by Joe Rosenthal (Joe Rosenthal). Six soldiers of the US armed forces hoisting the US flag on Mount Suribachi Mountain, the highest point in the nature of a very small island, for which the battle was conducted more mesyatsa.

Picture of Robert Capa (Robert Capa), made by September 5, 1936, has long been a symbol of a bloody and ruthless Spanish Civil War. It depicts an armed militia in civil, falling back after a fatal shot to his protivnika.

General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executes a Viet Cong prisoner in Saigon. And this picture is not staged, and for more than 40 years, people look at the infinite penalty Viet Cong Nguyen Van Lem General Nguyen Ngoc Loan. Photographer Eddie Adams (Eddie Adams) recorded the events of thirteen wars, but his most famous photograph is this made by February 1, 1968. For which he then also apologize prishlos.

Photo symbol of opposition forces weapons and power of the human spirit. Only one person left front of the column of tanks near Tiananmen Square in Beijing during the riots in June 1989. In his hands were two ordinary plastic bags, which he shook the tanks when they stopped. The first tank attempted to drive around the man, but he again stood in his way. After several unsuccessful attempts to overtake him, tanks Switch off the engine, and the commander of the first spoke with Assertive peacemaker. Then again, tried to overtake him, and the man got up again before the tank. Four photographer captured the moment, but became world famous photo shot of Jeff Uaydnera (Jeff Widener), a longtime banned in China. The man did not manage to identify, but it was included in Time magazine's list of the 100 most important people of the twentieth veka.

September 11, 2001 was made a huge number of photos and video showing one of the most notorious acts of terrorism and its consequences. But it is a concise snapshot of falling down a human head on a background of still standing towers of the World Trade Center can be called fotosimvolom those events. It shows not only the tragedy of the city, the country and the world, but also the tragedy and despair of every person who died in the WTC.

Earthrise. In 1968, NASA took the first flight to the moon's orbit with the crew, and the astronaut William Anders Apollo8 (William Anders) made one of the most beautiful and famous in the world of images of our planet, underlining its beauty and hrupkost.

Fearless builders, diners and dangled his legs sitting on a beam 69 floors of the future building Rockefeller Center, were photographed Charles Ebbets (Charles C. Ebbets) in 1932 during the last months of construction. The authorship of the image, which is often signed "Unknown photographer", established only 8 years ago. Of the 11 men sitting on the beam, identified only semero.

Raising the Soviet flag over the Reichstag. 1945 god.

Buzz Aldrin on the basis Spokoystviya

Ali vs. Listona

Two legendary captain Bobby Moore and Pele exchanging shirts as a sign of respect. FIFA World Cup 1970 god.

Eight-year Christian receives flag during a memorial service for his father. Who was killed in Iraq in just a few weeks before he was due to return domoy.

Veteran t34-85 around the tank, where he fought in the Great Patriotic Voyny.

Romanian child presents a balloon employee of the police during protests in Buhareste.

Police Captain Ray Lewis was arrested for what he had participated in the protests on Wall Street in 2011.

The monk next to an elderly man who died suddenly, waiting for the train in Shanxi Taiyuan, Kitay.

Dog named «Leao» sitting for two days at the tomb owner, who was killed in a terrible landslides. Rio de Janeiro, January 15 2011god.

African-American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists in a gesture of solidarity. Olympic Games 1968 god.

Jewish prisoners at the time of their release from the camp. 1945 god.

The funeral of President John F. Kennedy, which took place November 25, 1963, the birthday of John F. Kennedy Jr.. Worldwide broadcast footage where John Kennedy Jr. salutes his coffin ottsa.

"Wait for me, Dad" - Photo march Shelf British Columbia. The five-year Warren "Whitey" Bernard ran away from his mother to his father, an ordinary Jack Bernard, with a cry of "Wait for me, Dad." Photo was widely known, was published in the «Life», hung in every school of British Columbia during the war and was used in the production of military obligatsiy.

The priest Luis Padilla and soldiers, wounded by a sniper during the uprising in Venesuele.

French citizens, at the entrance of the Nazis in Paris during the Second World voyny.

Soldier Horace Greasley Heinrich Himmler opposed during the inspection of the camp, where he was imprisoned. Surprisingly, Grisli many times to leave the camp to meet with a German girl, with whom he was vlyublen.

Jacqueline Kennedy's inauguration of Lyndon Johnson, when he took office the US President. Immediately after the death of muzha.

During a protest against the Vietnam War. 1967 god.

Harold Vittlz hears for the first time in his life - the doctor just installed him hearing apparat.

US Army troops, landed on the beach during the day "D". Normandy, June 6, 1944 god.

Prisoner of World War II, the Soviet Union released, met with docheryu.

1958. John F. Kennedy and his daughter Kerrolayn, one of the legendary photo journal Life.

1945. Sergeant Graham Jackson plays «Goin 'Home» at the funeral of President Roosevelt April 12, 1945 goda.

1965. The first-ever picture of a child in the womb materi.

1960. John F. Kennedy (then Senator) with his younger brother Robert in a hotel room during the Democratic convention in Los Angeles. Both will be killed within a few let.

1964. The Beatles during a US tour. The water in the pool was pretty cold that day, as evidenced by the grimace Ringo.

1948. Six hours and 28 throws (of water, chairs and three cats). According to the photographer, "his assistants and he was wet, dirty and almost completely exhausted" when he finally shot udalsya.

1946. Mahatma Gandhi near his spinning wheel - the symbol of non-violent movement for India's independence from Velikobritanii.

1933. It captures the moment when Gebbels (sitting) learned that his photos - a Jew and a friendly smile gone from his litsa.

1952. On viewing the first full stereo movie Bwana Devil.

Bread lines during flooding in Luisville

Baker test: testing of nuclear bomby


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