In Krasnodar, a new building has a crack swimming complex

In Krasnodar, a new building has a crack swimming complex, which should have been put in August of 2013. Water pressure from the pool wall and destroyed part of the fence. The incident occurred last night. The project cost 250 million rubles.

Construction of a swimming complex for the edge of the swimming sports school with two pools 25 and 10 meters began in March 2012. As a contractor is JSC "KDB", previously held a number of motorway construction and reconstruction of the central streets of Krasnodar.

In June 2013 construction pool visited the governor of Kuban Alexander Tkachev and the Mayor of Krasnodar Vladimir Evlanov. Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Krasnodar Territory Lyudmila Chernova said then that the sports complex "meets all the requirements, including for competitions of national and international level ยป.

Object, the value of which amounted to 250 million rubles, was to be put into operation in August 2013. A few days ago, the pool was filled with water, after which it was cracked bowl. On the morning of July 31 there was a breakthrough, as a result of which was partially destroyed wall of the building, and the water poured into the streets, damaging the fence and adjacent Gulf Square.

The Ministry of Sports and Physical Education initially refused to comment, saying that the party awarding the contract was the Ministry of Construction and Architecture. In the Ministry of Construction, in turn, did not comment on the incident, redirecting to the customer in the face of the Ministry of Sports. The press service of the administration of Krasnodar region also failed to comment on the situation.


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