Russian language fucking rich

Russian language fucking rich, including swearing, name-calling and insulting epithets. And we, in his speech use only a small portion gives us an opportunity. Well, people are surprised, "fool", "beast" or "inefficiency". A person can be called (only those who really deserve it, of course) so that he will understand exactly what he just called them, but that's what it is not entirely clear. Aback, to attract attention, interest, and then with admiration and respect for you are guaranteed if you use speech in the wealth that gave us an old Russian language and various dialects.

Here is a few tens of words, divided into categories to make life more comfortable. Now you'll know that if you are called "zahuhrey", then in the morning you just have to be better comb your hair.

Obzyvatelstvo mind about

Balamoshka - crazy, stupid

Bozhevolny - hudoumny, bad

Bozhedure - fool by nature

Koroloby - krepkogolovy, stupid, stupid

Lobodyrny - wit

Mezheumok - a very average intelligence

Mordofilya - a fool, but still swaggering

Negorazdok - Near

Obzyvatelstvo about appearance

Pentyuh - bellied man with an outstanding addition stern

Bezpelyuha, tyuryuhaylo - slut

Brydly - nasty, smelly

Zatetёha - stout woman

Zaguzastka - round, fat woman with a big booty

Erpyl - undersized

Zahuhrya - nechёsa, slob, slob

Shpyn head - people with disgrace color

Fuflyga - a nondescript small peasant

Obzyvatelstvo about character

Marakushev - nasty people

Hobyaka, Mihryutka, Sivolap - clumsy, awkward

Sverbiguzka - girl-fidget, her itching in one spot (tail - a priest). She Vizgopryaha

Ashcheulov - mocker, scoffer

Vetrogonka - cantankerous woman

Balyaba - deadhead, cuckoo

Belebenya, Lyabzya - pustoplet

Bobynya, Bunea - pompous, conceited

Bredkov - talkative, chatty (from the word "nonsense", as you can imagine)

Kolotovka - pugnacious and quarrelsome woman. She Kuёlda

Guzynya or Ruhm - crybaby roar

Pynya - proud, inflated, unattainable woman

Pyatiguz - insecure people, literally can be translated as "pyatizhop»

Rasschekolda - talkative woman

Popreshnitsa - Women who do not feed bread, let me argue

Suemudr - falsely wise

Fire Kropotov, skapyzhnik - grouch, grumbler

Shinora - weasel

Chuzheyad - parasite parasite

Obzyvatelstvo about the behavior

Volochayka, Gulnya, Ёnda, Bezsoromna - all this splendor epithets devoted ho

Bzyrya, Bludyashka, Buslaev - mad playboy, playboy

Loiter, Kolobrodov, Muhoblud - slacker, slacker

Glazopyalka - curious

Furnace sled - lazy

Trupёrda - clumsy woman

Tmoneistovy - active ignorant

Erohvost - teaser debater

Ёra - mischievous, lively on the tongue woman

Kiselyay, Kolupaev - sluggish, slow man

Shlynda - a tramp, a parasite

Potata - sycophant

Frowning - sullen, scowling

And good synonyms for words familiar to us

Vymesok - geek

Vyporotok - bastard

Sdёrgoumka - poludurok

Vyazhihvostka - gossip

Loja - fool

Dumbfounded, dubotolk, nesmysel, okoloten - fool

Shavrik - piece of crap

Okaёm - raisers

Kuroschup - womanizer

Damn rope - crazy

Tinned with, blew - liar

Oguryala, ohalnik - hooligan and a bully

Snyagolov - daredevil

Presnoplyuy - chatterbox

Tartyga - drunk

Tues - Dummy


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