The children entertained themselves in the USSR. Part 2

Today, I want to continue my masterpiece attributes of our childhood who have been unjustly forgotten in the previous post, and from which we have often received from parents. So sit back and prepare to partake of the glorious moments of nostalgia. Slingshots

Who remembers the makeshift slingshot? They were of two types: classic and drills. Classic cut from thick hazel branches with fork, buy a gray harness the pharmacy, got a piece of skin (can be cut secret house from travel bag and put the blame on her sister) and all are held together by copper wire or the blue tape.
Charge the slingshot so smooth pebbles, which is often brought into the yards of the sand, or immature berries such as rowan, plums or cherries, which grow enough of the house. Sometimes the power of the shot rock enough to smash a bottle of champagne from three meters. This slingshot appreciated due to the fact that not everyone has enough skills and resources to create it. It can be exchanged for other valuables such as inserts from Turbo, CinCin and Final90.
Taking a walk, and nothing to do, you could make a slingshot easier - keyed. To this end, in a landfill had to find a thick aluminum wire braided and find the flagellum. With the latter there were no problems - easily extracted from the panty elastic. The newer pants - the better flagellum. Slingshot to shoot such dowels - bent horseshoe slices of copper or aluminum wire. Harm it did not cause much, but pigeons and cats poshugat was ok. Sometimes the slingshot becomes the last argument in the yard brawls - thigh cauterize it's great! Basically just shoot in the air, enjoying the sound of a flying key. This slingshot gathered for one day and night, usually blended to someone for "drive on bicycle».

What do you think is sikalka? Something from the word "Sika". And there is. It is a popular water yard melee "fight" to the era of the appearance of disposable syringes in pharmacies.
Master sikalka from an empty bottle of shampoo or a liter plastic bottle "Whites." In a traffic jam on the plate with hot nail to make a hole and inserted half a ballpoint pen without the rod. All this is sealed with mastic or clay. In the bottle to pour water (for the first time at home, after - from the pipe under the balcony), and squirting the opponent. It was an alternative to expensive and scarce water pistol. By the way, sikalki was very cool to quench their thirst.

The game "Darts" did not play just lazy. We, too, as a child loved to throw darts. Yes, that's just not sell them or they cost a lot of money. Therefore, almost every boy in our backyard could make it myself. Dart on its Flight and vtykatelnym quality get better than factory. See how we make them

A piece of paper, 4 matches, needle, stationery glue and thread. On the wall hung a homemade rug target of notebook sheet and play.
One day my friend and I were playing darts in my house and squabbled. He threw a dart of anger in me and stuck his right hand, and I hit him in retaliation to the stomach.
The street has made a dart of welding electrodes. Honed on the curb one end and another primatyvali pigeon feathers. Throw in wooden doors and trees.

Yes, so now you can easily buy any boomerang shapes in store. And in the late 80's nothing like selling. We got out of the situation as follows: bought stationery in two 30-cm wooden ruler and twisted their cross tape, and then at home on the ferry twisted blades. Obtained excellent boomerang that could even come back! They, again, frightened crows and pigeons. And I ran to the ninth floor, where I had spent all my childhood.

Plevatelnaya tube or harkalka
Another essential attribute of the boys was a metal tube for spitting plasticine or mastic beads. Get this handset was very difficult, and it is highly valued in the yard. Right on the phone lepilsya large supply of putty or clay, which pinch off a piece and charge the phone. Besides moral damage, such spitting nothing gets in his victim. Later tube was replaced with a rod blank from gel pens and plasticine - millet or buckwheat.

In my opinion, every boy in his childhood was here such a folding knife. It's always been a source of pride. His treasured away from his mother's sight not often carried out. The knife was always in the sand, remember? And all because he was just an instrument for playing "knife».

Version of the game was a lot, but often played "zemelku", "Tank Battle." Each game had plenty of varieties. For example, "zemelku" Damn circle divided it equally among the number of participants. Each stood on his land. Then he stuck the knife in standing section of the enemy and cut off from their land piece by piece. "Advance" (not stuck) - move into each. And by the same rules we had all the time to stand on their own land as long as you can. On the other - could be outside, but in the event of a catastrophic reduction in your area, the enemy offered you three seconds to stand on it. If you can not resist - it is eliminated. You could even stand on his toes of one foot - the main hold for three seconds.
A more interesting and has a long game "Tankzors". Remembering its regulations will not, but here's the shape of a knife - remember that in the tank was placed in such a way?

Gunpowder "Semidyrka»
We extracted from the nearby landfill Zavolzhskaya that the Red Yar, near the sewage. Valorous a military arsenal overthrown under the open sky, these little yellow things that we collected. And once we brought the sand into the yard. Not just sand, and with a tubular powder. Of course, its concentration was low, but you could gain 15 minutes a handful of gunpowder. Apparently, kamazist decided not to bother with the sand and his cherpanul near landfills. So go to a landfill for a dozen kilometers away, we no longer had - Arsenal appeared right under the windows.
What do we do with him? Yes, a lot of things: wrapped with foil and put in the other "semidyrki" torched, and gunpowder in foil turned into a missile. Just burned, made wicks for the flash-bangs, and so on.

As children we are already in full use condoms. Just not on purpose. Those who lived higher up periodically, "bathed" passers-by throwing them huge balls of water, a liter of three or four. Especially frostbitten added to potassium permanganate.

Lamps and kinescopes
Sin was not a break in the trash discarded fluorescent tube. They are broken down with a loud bang, if you throw the lamp on the asphalt ends. On the ecology did not think.

But the find in the trash was extremely rare and is always a great joy to boys.
Cast lots who will throw the first brick in the upper tube (CRT ray gun). She was the most vulnerable point of the tube. When the lamp was broken - picture tube due to internal vacuum collapse into a very dull bang, echoed in the yard. The neighborhood boys immediately came running to look at this action. But often we have found kinescopes with a broken lamp.

Search beetles we have already started in April. We walked into the woods with a shovel and dug them out of the land. May beetles were very valuable in the yard, while they were alive. We stuff them full of cans. Even distinguished by the color of their heads: red - firefighters, black - workers. There were a greenish hue - the border guards. Long mustache - male short - female. Once in the courtyard there was a rumor that the pharmacy make money nadkrylki beetles. I will not go on - it could be called a genocide. Wings ultimately not accepted.

Everything was the same legal weapons factory production. Remember, he shot?

Peace hobbies

From peaceful hobbies reminded braids out and colored wire. They found a piece of telephone cable and derbanit it.

Magnifying glass
Lupa was considered one of our biggest treasure - with the help of it you can see and beetle and fire in sunny weather ignite. The latter function is used much more often. The larger the loop, the more productive it is in this respect.



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