Austrian billionaire has bought a date with Lindsay Lohan

the Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner has a quirky tradition, which lasts for 19 years. Every year on the eve of the Vienna ball, he buys himself a date with a celebrity. At this time, as his "girlfriend" eccentric billionaire chose Lindsay Lohan. In past years, his guests were Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Sophia Loren, Dita Von Teese and many other celebrities. According to rumors, the choice fell on Lugner Lohan after he refused a British actress Katie Price. But Lohan has agreed to meet with the 77-year-old wealthy for 150 thousand dollars. According to knowledgeable people, a prerequisite for this meeting was the complete absence of alcohol. Alcoholic beverages will be removed even from the mini bar room in which to stop the star. The reason for such harsh restrictions steel Lohan with alcohol problems.


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