€ 4 million in purse daughter Chernovetsky

According to the French press, the daughter of the mayor of Kiev Chernivtsi Christina was the victim of robbers in a poor Paris suburb of Saint-Denis. Christina arrived in Paris, rented a car with a driver and headed from the airport to the city center to walk through the fashionable boutiques. In the tunnel at the entrance to the French capital with a car burglar caught up on a motorcycle and snatched her purse with cash from the hands from Kiev. In the ladies were reticule jewelry on 4, 5 million. Euro and 11 thousand dollars in cash. The robber behaved quite strange: he threw $ 10,700, and $ 300 left himself. Press office of mayor of the Ukrainian capital issued a rebuttal to information published in the French media. According to them, none Christina not robbed. Nevertheless, the French prosecutors Paris suburb of Bobigny today confirmed that it has received a statement about the robbery in the name of the daughter of the mayor of Kiev. She decided to remain silent culprit hype. "I do not want to comment on anything. Even if that's the case, then it's nobody's business, "- she said.


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