The French again offended by Mikhail Prokhorov

litigation between owner Mikhail Prokhorov and the widow of Lebanese banker Lily Safra ended with a loss of Russians. In 2008, the billionaire businessman has agreed with the sale of the estate Villa Leopolda on the French Riviera and made a deposit of $ 39, 4 million. Euro. Later, Mr. Prokhorov decided not to buy the mansion and demanded the return of payment. According to French law, if the cancellation occurs after the contract is signed, the deposit is not refundable. Nice court decided that it was in this case, and took the side of Mrs. Safra. Moreover, the court has not only deprived the Russian businessman hopes for vozrvraschenie money, but also decided to pay an additional 1, 5 million. Euros in compensation for damages owner of Villa Leopolda. It is noteworthy that the lawyer Jean-Pierre Prokhorov Gastaut before the verdict declared does not matter the financial side of the issue for both sides. "They are both very rich and will not weep over the lost money," - said Mr. Gastaut syndrome.


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