Mikhail Prokhorov thrown?

Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov filed a lawsuit demanding the return of Nice him 55 million. Dollars, Lily Safra paid as a deposit for the estate of Villa Leopolda. Two years ago, the entrepreneur has agreed with the owner to buy a beautiful manor house on the French Riviera with all its contents for $ 570 million. However, the deal did not take place. Under French law at the termination of the transaction is non-refundable advance payment to the buyer. The owner of the villa said that she had already spent all the money Prokhorov, dropping them to charity. Prokhorov's lawyers insist that the agreement is consistent not because of two technical "anomalies". Firstly, the buyer gets after signing papers seven days to think that Prokhorov were not provided. In addition, the total amount of Safra illegally included the cost of furniture, which is grounds for termination of the contract.


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