Unique Breitling watches in honor of the founder of Bentley

In honor of Walter Owen Bentley, who founded the company in 1919, Bentley, Breitling has created a unique pocket watch Grande Complication. Gold Chronometer Breitling for Bentley released in a single copy, which will be presented in a few days at Baselworld in Switzerland. Clock mechanism - one of the most difficult. It consists of almost 700 items. Perpetual Calendar displays the date, day, month, year and moon phases. The mechanism takes into account leap years. Minute repeater can repel each hour, quarter hour, or minute by the owner. The watch design is based on archival models Breitling XIX century. Body is covered with 18-carat gold, and the cover is made engraving depicting Mr. Bentley at the wheel of one of the first racing car, released under his name.


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