Let us arithmetic

"Bentley" is definitely an amazing vehicle. Although, no. This is, perhaps, already a luxury. Or not? And let's count. Not the cost of the machine. Accessories and consumables. Current service costs, so to speak.

760000/32, 63 (course to date) = $ 23291.450. That's not all. The rest - under the cut.
The cap rim Limited Edition
The design of the original cap Bentley (Bentley), installed in the center of the rim, simple and at the same time classically elegant: in the center of the circle formed by the inscription "Bentley Motors", posted the letter "B", recognizable emblem kompanii.
The cap keeps the horizontal position at speeds up to 112 km / h, and automatically stabilizes the vehicle when stopped. 30,000 rub.komplekt
Carpets salon Bentley
Original interior carpets Bentley (Bentley) sheepskin - the dream of every owner of a luxury car that is guaranteed to protect the interior from moisture, dust and other contaminants.
This is, without exaggeration, a designer charm to complement any interior Bentley is creating a certain style. Carpets made of top quality fur able to keep warm in the car, even in the most severe morozy.46 000 rubles. * 4 = 184000

Purse men
The original purse Bentley (Bentley) made of black leather, inside the strict male wallet has a nice golden-brown tint.
He has six pockets for credit cards, two compartments for paper money and two internal compartments for important documents.
On the front side there is a relief image of the logo Bentley.
The accessory is designed by the famous English Ettinger, a licensed supplier of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.
10 500 rubles.
Passport cover
Original Cover Bentley (Bentley) on the front of this stylish cover for a passport from a natural leather has a relief image of the company logo.
Vnutrennyaya of the accessory is made of soft black zamshi.4 000 rubles.
The original umbrella Bentley (Bentley) - indispensable to each owner of Bentley accessory that can save while traveling from the rain and sleet from the scorching sun and crazy wind.
Mechanical umbrella with the logo of the famous brand - the compact, ergonomic and stylish - will help in bad weather without problems and quickly get to the car from a shopping center, office or entrance doma.6 000 rubles

This is certainly not the whole list of accessories, not to look lohom which "Bentley" presented and a true aristocrat of the spirit.


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