New faces Breitling: John Travolta and David Beckham

John Travolta - perfect face for the clock Breitling, positioned as a tool for the pilot. Actor passionate pilot and the presentation of the new model Navitimer in Singapore, he did not come on a cruise ship, and its own power, at the controls of the aircraft. Not surprisingly, the cooperation of the Swiss manufactory and Hollywood star has lasted for eight years. Shortly before the presentation, Travolta starred in a new advertising campaign Navitimer. French photographer Frederic Imbert celebrity photographed in the Mojave desert in the background of the famous fighters of World War II 52 Mustang P-.

But Travolta's one the entire range of Breitling little, considering the company's management and called David Beckham. Glamorous footballer became the face of the model Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime. The shooting of the campaign took place in the California desert, not only served as background Occasional fighting machine, and modern private jet. The main advantage of Transocean proclaimed dial on the dial that allows you to keep track of time in 24 time zones. Surely, it should be easy for those who constantly dangle from one end of the world to another. The model is available in the case of steel or 18-carat pink gold. Price Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime is $ 11 200


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