Kim Jong Il

clothing brands, supported by notorious North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, going out to the world markets. The official mouthpiece of the Communist Party of North Korea's Rodong Sinmun, said the modest suits the nation's leader captured the imagination of people and they have become a global trend. "The noble image of the Great General, who during work always has a modest suit, makes a deep impression on people around the world - with revolutionary fervor newspaper writes. - All because of his image of the great man so outstanding. " The article provides a review of a certain unnamed (follow the trend of modesty, probably) French fashion expert who claims that global fashion with only waiting to follow the dictator of North Korea. "Fashion, Kim Jong Il, which is now spreading around the world with stunning speed, is unprecedented in the history of the world", - said an anonymous expert style. What does a male North Korean light industry? Judging by the photos of Kim Jong Il, it coats or tunics and trousers of the same style. Colors - khaki or light gray. That's all that can be said about the style of Pyongyang. Not too impressive, is not it?


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