Russian oligarch

Movies Russian oligarchs of catering establishments often fall into the news sections of Western newspapers. A certain unnamed Russian millionaire set a new record of generosity, spent in a hotel bar in London Westbury 50,000 pounds on champagne Dom Pérignon and a tip to the waiter. Bottle of Rosé Gold 1996 Methuselah, called "King of champagne", has cost £ 35 000. More £ 4, 375 - the cost of maintenance. And in addition, the customer has left £ 10,625 on top "tea". Thus, each glass of sparkling beverage generous cost the client more than one and a half thousand pounds. Managing places Yalluri Elias refuses to disclose the name of the client. Rosé Gold is considered the most expensive champagne, which can buy in bars. Everything is more expensive, it is sold only at auction. In the year of the French winery Moёt & Chandon produced only 35 bottles of sparkling wine. The bottle is covered with pink gold, which itself costs 20 thousand. Pounds. Sommeliers are instructed to open and pour this champagne silk gloves, you do not accidentally damage the precious cover.


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