Yacht Abramovich

new yacht of Roman Abramovich Eclipse sea trials will take place in Norway. According fvn.no, the ship will arrive in Kristiansand 17 or 18 of May. Incidentally, a week ago the Russian businessman visited the Norwegian town to take another new yacht - the 115-meter Luna. Eclipse will conduct tests on about a week, then it likely will take a course for South Africa. According to reports, Abramovich wants to show off a new ship to the guests of the World Cup. The vessel was built at the German shipyard Blohm + Voss, and the interior design was engaged renowned design studio Terence Disdale Design. Eclipse will head the list of the largest superyachts. Its length, with data from different sources varies 164, 5 to 170 meters. In any case, it has overtaken the previous record holder, yacht Arab Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Dubai. On its cost, as well as about its length, no precise information. The initial cost of the yacht was about half a million dollars, but the final price was $ 1, 2 billion. To make it easier to imagine the scale of the vessel, it may be compared with a passenger ship of similar size. Average ship could take on board 2,000 people, and Eclipse is designed for reception of only 30 guests. Even members of the crew of two and a half times more - 75 people.


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