Arab sheikh breaks on the first line

As the recent report of the Camper & Nicholsons, the difference between a yacht Roman Abramovich's Eclipse, which occupies the first position of the world ranking super-yachts and yacht Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Dubai is quite small - just 60 cm. Previously it was thought that the difference is significant. "We can assume that Sheikh Mohammed to think about restructuring his yacht. It belonged to him Platinum Yachts shipyard could build up the missing 50 or even 60 centimeters to Dubai returned to the top of the list "- made the assumption glossy online magazine Luxury Magazine and he was right. Sheikh really decided to lengthen his yacht again to become the owner of the largest private vessel in the world. Yacht Dubai to be scheduled repairs in 2011. Among other things, the ship will be installed radar, which will be issued from the nose and make the yacht Arab sheik 15 centimeters longer than the Eclipse Roman Abramovich. In addition, Dubai is expected to attach aft "beach" is about two meters wide. These beaches in the last couple of years in vogue among the owners of large yachts.


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