Citroen Metropolis

Citroën predtavil concept Metropolis. French brand will attempt to speak for themselves in the unusual class of executive cars. Citroën Metropolis longer the Audi A8 or Mercedes-Benz S-Class and is approximately equal to the new long-wheelbase BMW 5 Series, which will be presented at the upcoming motor show in Beijing. The heart of the car will be a hybrid propulsion system - a 2-liter V6 petrol engine 272 hp plus electric motor of 95 hp When they work at the same time as the manufacturer says, the total capacity of up to 460 hp and torque of 430 Nm. Official presentation of the new items will be held May 1 at the World Expo in Shanghai. This concept was created by an international design team of Citroën, located in Shanghai. It is not known when the Citroën Metropolis goes into production. The price is also too early to say.


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