Gold & Chandon bottle Moёt autographed


At the party before the "Oscar" movie stars have left their autographs on a rare gold-plated bottle of champagne Moёt & Chandon Methuselah. Now the bottle exhibited paintings on eBay. The cost of the champagne on sale is $ 5,000 per bottle. Given the number of autographs of Hollywood stars, its price will increase many times, but the current price does not even reach the minimum mark. The list of signatories is impressive: Robert Duvall, Adrien Brody, Morgan Freeman, Ryan Seacrest, Lawrence Bender, Scott Cooper, Jon Landau, Jason Statham, Jenna Dewan, Patrick Gallagher, Masi Oka, Vinnie Jones, Brett Ratner, Kenny G, Ryan Keveno Tucker Tooley and in addition to the Stars Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. All the money raised from the sale of the lot will be used to support the Olympic Games for the disabled.


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