Sarkozy renews its fleet

new aircraft of the French president Airbus A330-200 made its first test flight in Bordeaux. Nicolas Sarkozy has long dreamed to get a liner that would be a worthy rival of the president of the board of the American Air Force One. Novelty jokingly nicknamed «Air Sarko One». In comparison with the American Boeing 747-200B, which Barack Obama travels the world, the French Airbus A319 look like a poor cousin. Solid Airbus A330-200 will cost the treasury of France in 176 million euros. On board the plane there is a meeting room for 12 people, 60 business class seats, communication through encrypted channels, reinforced fuselage and missile defense. It is said that Sarkozy wanted the plane was full-size bath. But he was dissuaded from this plumbing installation, as it can cause problems. In the zone of turbulence and splashing water at risk of short-circuit wiring. There will also be updated fleet of small aircraft. Older the Falcon 50 and 900 will be replaced with high-end model Falcon 7X. Incidentally, these aircraft were purchased for the first persons of Russia. Smaller machines were nicknamed «Air Carla One» - in honor of the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy. Striving to be better than Obama has caused criticism of Sarkozy. However, the government is confident that a solid liner to the head of state - is not a luxury. "There is no ostentation, just a desire to have equipment worthy of the fifth power of the state", - convinced the representative of the government Luc Chatel.


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