Sandra Bullock has become the most successful actress

Hollywood actress to earn less than their colleagues in the shop male. However, earnings from movie stars to be envied. According to estimates of Forbes, the most successful actress in the past year was Sandra Bullock, earned from June 2009 to June 2010 of $ 56 million. Last year for Bullock was quite full of events: a scandalous divorce, adoption, child and the first "Oscar". The reward for the stress become fantastic royalties. Following Bullock in the Forbes list goes Reese Witherspoon. She earned last year's $ 32 million. Second place she shares with Cameron Diaz, whose revenues totaled $ 32 million also. In the fourth place ranking is Jennifer Aniston with $ 27 million. Films with her participation in last year's very popular not used. Ribbon "Love Happens" failed at the box office, having collected only $ 36 million. But Aniston remains one of the most sought-after actresses. In addition, she still gets paid for his role in the popular TV series "Friends." In fifth place, Sarah Jessica Parker, earned $ 25 million. The sequel "Sex and the City" grossed $ 280 million. Plus good spirits sold line, created a celebrity.


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