The eco-friendly city close to completion

first phase of construction of the first eco-friendly settlement is nearing completion. In 2007, the start of construction was put Masdar City near Abu Dhabi. Design bureau "Foster and Partners" designed the first locality zero emission of carbon dioxide and fully process all wastes. The entrance of cars with internal combustion engines in the territory of Masdar strictly vospreschёn. According to the plan there will be located the headquarters of the state-owned Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company and the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. On the ground around the city will accommodate wind turbines and solar panels, which will provide the city with energy. The construction of Masdar state will invest $ 22 billion. Skeptics showed doubts about the possibility of creating sustainable human settlements. In some ways they were right. To receive its first tenants in September, the project had to be adjusted. The creators have gone from using the term "zero emissions of CO2» («zero carbon»), replacing it with the neutral phrase "neutral emission of CO2» («carbon neutral»). Regular sandstorms appeared to interfere with getting the solar energy into the project amounts. It is planned that by 2020, Masdar will produce 7% of the total energy Arab Emirates. In the experiment in the Arabian sands watched around the world. During a May visit to the region, the city on a familiarization visit to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


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