Bracelet Jawbone Up will make move

Brand Jawbone, known for a wireless headset, presented an amazing accessory. Once typed device called Jawbone Up is difficult - nothing like we've ever seen. Novelty is a flexible electronic-magnetic bracelet, worn on the arm. Bracelet monitors the activity of the owner and vibrates when you need to escape from the cases and make yourself a little workout. Gadget wake a host in the most appropriate time, that he felt completely sleep, see to the number of calories eaten and froze the number of steps passed during the walk. How it manages a small bracelet to perform all of these functions - it is not clear. Company officials say about a "revolutionary technology MotionX», on the development of which lasted for many years. About functional gadget you can imagine for a promotional video. I must say, it looks very promising. All information that carefully collects the device can be viewed on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The new gadget will sell tomorrow, Nov. 6. The price will be $ 99. video> video> .com / embed / j35uruiWsi0 video>


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