Endless Eight: 8 hours Cacheux

Our good friend, Fabien Kasho watchmaker, can be suspected in the assassination of the territory of the Spaniard Frank Villa. In the latest creations of the French master called Cacheux 8, Eight everywhere. Housing made of 88 grams of 18 carat gold (white, yellow, pink - your choice), more than 8 on the dial, which flaunts an 8-carat diamond, Limited Edition to 8 copies and exactly 8 months to assemble some hours. As part of eights Kasho clearly outstripped Vilyu whose worship before the number is limited to form the notch on the dial and the number of copies. However, the Spaniard's favorite number is present during all hours without exception, and the various series of Franc Vila had a lot of rivet. French master explained his addiction Chinese numerological superstition. In Mandarin 8 consonant with the word "welfare". And indeed, in Asia to this figure a special relationship, and gestures toward the east recently performed every any significant luxury brands.


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