Grandson Cousteau broke the record of his grandfather

Fabien Cousteau is in the genealogical tree of the legendary ancestor, grandfather of the 46-year-old researcher has the legendary French Explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Fabien decided to leave a trace in history about themselves, breaking the result of his grandfather on the duration of stay under water. During an unusual mission, Fabien spent in equipped with a submersible in the depths of the ocean for 31 days.

As reported by the Guardian, all the while Fabien Cousteau felt fine. The only thing that drew the attention of the researcher after the completion of the mission is the difficulty of such a long stay in a confined space and if he had claustrophobia, this mission was given to him much harder.

For the mission Fabien Cousteau was prepared in a unique underwater laboratory "Aquarius", immersed to a depth of 19 metres off the coast of Florida. The mission is called "Mission 31" and higher than the same dive with Jacques Cousteau for one day. During prolonged 31 day mission 46-year-old Fabien did a documentary, and his colleagues studied the dependence of corals from climate change.

Weight laboratory "Aquarius" is 81 tonne. It includes 6 bunk beds, a kitchenette, computers, air conditioning and water heating. The original mission of Jacques-Yves Cousteau was completed in 1963. Then the legendary sailor trying to prove that because of the overpopulation of people on the planet will begin to build an underwater housing. Then he sank to 30 days in the depths of the red sea in a specially equipped base.

Oceanographic studies Cousteau began in 1950-ies on Board "Calypso", which he annually had to pay a symbolic one franc. Worldwide recognition Cousteau came in 1953 when he wrote the book "the silent world".



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