Apple is working on a new gadget: a wristwatch phone.

Two influential US newspapers - The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal - simultaneously reported that Apple is working on a new gadget: a wristwatch phone. Unlike other devices, which began to appear on market a couple of years ago, it will be a full-fledged phone. Itself, Apple rumors about a new gadget does not comment. So even the title is conjecture iWatch journalists. According to insider information, the developers tasked to create a device that performs all the basic functions of today's smartphones. With it you can check e-mail, social networking, and focus on areas of the map. In addition, the clock will be able to transfer the image on the TV, tablet, smartphone and computer companies. The operating system in the new gadget will be used iOS - the platform on which runs the iPhone and the iPad. It is also reported that these watches will be NFC-chip, and will serve as an excellent means of payment as an alternative to smartphones and traditional plastic cards. But the emphasis there will be on the measurement of physical activity users - Chasofon become both a pedometer and calorie calculator, and reminders that you sat, and therefore need to be kneaded. In the US and Western Europe are becoming more and more popular devices necessary to maintain the user in good physical shape. When this gadget of Apple will be available is not yet known.


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