The most expensive iPhone 5

British jeweler Stuart Hughes again created a fantastically expensive gadget. This time his arm was caught liverpultsy iPhone 5. Apple Mobile Phone lavishly decorated with precious stones, so that its price rose to 10 million pounds. Eight-sum laid out a rich man is not called Chinese. The special model is called the "black diamond" as a major stumbling it is exactly it. 24 kaoatny black diamond adorns the control button. Rear panel made of gold and encrusted with 600 flawless diamonds. The Apple logo is made of gold and decorated with 53 diamonds. The front of the cheap glass Gorilla Glass sapphire replaced, which cost 10 times the original. Stuart Hughes has announced that he is happy to manufacture another such device. Unless, of course, there exists another spender who wants to part with 10 million.


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